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Soldiers learn to accept each other, put their differences aside and work as a cohesive team. People seeking God come from all walks of life, from areas that are geographically, economically and culturally diverse. They may be seeking God for different reasons, but ultimately must understand they are sinners in need of salvation through Christ before God receives them.

The result? AWOL converts.

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God wishes to strengthen his ranks, not shrink them. God has issued Christians a manual, the Holy Bible. New Christians need to study and learn before they can mature as Soldiers of Christ. Church members need to resist the urge to usurp the role of the Holy Spirit in this process. I believe it would be harder to find an organization with a more pronounced organizational culture than the United States Army. This is not an accident. Culture is taught…aggressively. The Army understands culture impacts behavior. Every new recruit must graduate from 10 weeks of BCT before he can call himself a Soldier.

Here, instructors teach the history and core values that guide the U.

Army as an institution. They learn about citizenship, teamwork and selfless service, as well as warrior skills.

They learn to look, act, and dress like Soldiers…and take pride in what they do. What Soldiers learn in BCT is reinforced again when they reach their units, some of which have their own subcultures that complement the dominant U.

Enlist in God's Army

Army culture. For instance, paratroopers generally maintain a higher standard of fitness, wear shorter haircuts, special spit-shined jump boots, and distinctive berets. Army recognizes the importance of culture, leveraging it to maximize morale and performance. A healthy church has strong preaching and teaching. Members learn what is expected. Christians dress differently, separating themselves from a worldly appearance, identifying themselves as followers of Christ in both their look and their conduct.

In military terms, why would you wear the uniform of the enemy? A good church promotes a Christian culture based on Biblical doctrines, leveraging that culture to maximize its performance as a witness for Christ. As in the U.

Army, churches may vary somewhat in their appearance and culture but not in their mission. There is a chain of command within the Army. It clearly defines an unbroken line of authority, clarifying who reports to whom, from the very top command authority to the very lowest. Ultimately, the President of the United States is the commander in chief.

Down at the company level, captains command their units, with the assistance of lieutenants and NCOS who provide leadership and order. Soldiers are to remain respectful of that leadership as long as that leadership remains faithful to the U. Constitution, the Uniform Code of Military justice, as well as other applicable laws and regulations.

The church has a chain of command. Camp guides lead campers to campsites at Raging River, Sleepy Mountain and Hidden Cave to make awesome nature crafts, play games, and go on the Great Adventure Hike as they make discoveries about God. With the story of the Good Samaritan, Jesus explains how we as Christians should treat others and the path we should take if we are walking with God.

preparing the Soldier for War, (amp)

Pick and choose the activities that work best with your group and time. We have attached some suggestions on possible schedules. As a finishing touch, invite parents to join you for a campfire and wiener roast to end the day. We include lessons for both younger and older children.

Each lesson includes an ice-breaker activity, the Bible lesson, reinforcing activities with their Bible Boot Camp Journal, and a prayer. Children love to create, and we have some fun Bible crafts for them to take home as a lasting reminder of their experience at Bible Boot Came VBS. Each child makes their own Bible Boot Camp Journal to learn more about themselves and their relationship with God.

From Boot Print Binoculars, to really cool pencil holders made from sticks, to the Roaring Roll Call Horn and a Boot Boot Camp boot print shirt, children will love to dive in to nature crafts. See a complete list of the Bible Boot Camp Crafts.

Teen Bootcamp

We give you the option of some traditional games such as Bible Boot Relay and God-sized Boots, or bringing all your groups together for the Great Adventure Hike. The Great Adventure Hike uses from decorated rooms. If you choose to do this activity, we recommend bringing all your groups together at one time. Start each group in a different room, then rotate.

Our piggyback songs, based on familiar tunes, are easy to learn and teach. See a complete list of the Bible Boot Camp Songs. Turn your classrooms into a series of three wilderness camping sites including the Raging River, Sleepy Mountain and Hidden Cave Camps.

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Or better yet, move your VBS outside for a real camping experience. Get great and easy ideas for decorating with little or no budget. We also include signs for each location. See a complete list of the Bible Boot Camp Decorations.

TruthQuest Full VBS Kit: $99

We provide easy to use logos so you can create your own banners, flyers and bulletin inserts. We have also included a promo and name tags. You do not have to be a subscriber to view and download FREE items. Member Login.

Bible Boot Camp training helps you become a Biblical disciple of Jesus.

Ages Preschool, Elementary, Tweens Schedules Pick and choose the activities that work best with your group and time. Camp Snacks It won't be long before you have a whole camp of hungry campers. Camp Songs Our piggyback songs, based on familiar tunes, are easy to learn and teach.

Promotions We provide easy to use logos so you can create your own banners, flyers and bulletin inserts.